Your Memory Today Can Make You Smile Tomorrow

There’s nothing more beautiful, in the winter months in NH, of the “Snow Globe” effect of falling snow.  It provides a gentle reminder of cozy times of snuggling, while reading stories to the children when they were young and of having hot cocoa with homemade cookies after coming in from playing in the snow.  It also provides that sense of old fashioned togetherness that pulls family and friends together, while sharing in the clean-up, building of snowball forts with snowball fights and skating on the ice.

With Christmas only a week away, the gentle falling snow adds to the excitement of baking in the kitchen, getting home made gifts and goodies ready for family and friends.  I have very fond memories of baking with our daughters the variety of cookies, along with candies and pies that we would share with the postman, our neighbor, friends and family when we gathered together.  And although the baking might be done alone this year, with some occasional help from my husband, I will be able to smile while I bake as I will remember the joy I had having their little hands helping.

Well, the snow has stopped falling at this hour of which I’m writing, but the trees are still full of snow.  The Christmas music of Ed Gerhards’ acoustic guitar, as well as his sliding guitar, plays in the background, Christmas cards have been mailed, Christmas scented candle is burning, while my heart is singing with memorable thoughts.  Motivated by this beautiful day, I will enjoy a day of sewing and hopefully some baking before the day is done.

I am reminded of the memories that were created, only to now enjoy them while they are not at home, yet continue to make new memories when they are home.  I find that the memories we make today, will allow us to embrace our past, allow us to enjoy today, provide us something to cherish tomorrow.

Make a memory today that will make you smile tomorrow,



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